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A couple weeks ago, we got to make coffee for the 400 cyclists at what had to be one of the best bike race events of all time. Grinduro is a 60 mile staged course with tons of elevation gain and plenty of sweet single track, where riders camp out in beautiful...

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Join the Team!

We're currently on the lookout for a great fit to oversee our roasting and production here at HoneyCo. You can check out the job description and application instructions below.    

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Fresh New HoneyCo Classic Espresso

  We love balanced and sweet espresso that stands up in milk and still makes for a great shot on it's own.  Our latest version of HoneyCo Classic is our best yet, and we're excited to offer it for the next month or two.  It's been on bar at Scout...

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Making it Rain

  We're headed to the big SCAA event this week in Seattle.  It's the first time the World Barista Championship has been in the US since 2009, so we're pretty excited to be a part of it!   If you're going to be there, stop in to say hi and try some...

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Email Newsletters

Here's a sneak preview into the sorts of things we send out in our email newsletters.  We don't send too many, and you can opt out easily at any time... but we'd just hate for you to miss out when these things get fired out into web land!     --

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