Our Story

We rolled up the doors on HoneyCo in January of 2015, less than a year after launching our first Scout Coffee location in downtown San Luis Obispo.  In the time since, our roasting program has grown quickly beyond our little town here on the Central Coast, and we now fill orders all over the United States.

At HoneyCo, our goal is always to make great coffee accessible to all by offering a wide range of styles and roast profiles, and we have coffees to fit nearly every coffee drinker -- from light and bright, to our extremely balanced and chocolatey blends and espresso options.

We build our seasonal rotating coffee menus with only the top 1% of fresh crop coffees, which we purchase through many of our direct to producer relationships. We always pay well above Fair Trade prices, and always buy the very best quality available.  

Our roast profiles are meticulously developed and can be consistently reproduced on each and every batch by using the most technically advanced roasting software in the industry.

We believe in doing things the right way, every time, and we think think you'll like it around here.

Thanks so much for choosing HoneyCo!