Adventures in Wholesale: SRAM Bikes

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Things have definitely gotten more adventurous here at HoneyCo since we began selling coffee to SRAM bike components here in SLO. SRAM is a huge player in the bicycle components world, and we're honored to be able to work with them to keep the team caffeinated.  Riding mountain and road bikes is the default with these guys, but a couple months ago, a bunch of them added dirt bikes to the mix. Our first HoneyCo Minute video showcasing a wholesale account shows a recent trip to Ballinger OHV with a bunch of the SRAM guys.  We also threw in some photos from another ride at Pozo a couple months back.  Fair warning -- not much coffee in this one, but lots of fun if you're into it!


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A couple weeks ago, we got to make coffee for the 400 cyclists at what had to be one of the best bike race events of all time. Grinduro is a 60 mile staged course with tons of elevation gain and plenty of sweet single track, where riders camp out in beautiful Quincy, CA in between ride and party time. We brought the La Marzocco Linea from the roastery and made tons of espressos and macchiatos each morning. The cyclists lived up to their reputation as big time coffee drinkers, and it was super fun to be a part of. Thanks so much to the team at Giro Cycling for inviting us to do the coffee -- We can't wait for next year!

Outside Magazine Online :: Grinduro: A Whole New Kind of Bike Race 
Giro Cycling :: Maxin' and Relaxin' at Grinduro

Top Photo: David Smith (@dustybermshot)  |  Photos Below: HoneyCo  |  Video: Giro Cycling



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