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The Kalita Wave is a great single-serve pour-over device. We've found the Wave to be easy to use and incredibly forgiving, so it's great for people who want the experience of brewing their own coffee by hand but don't want to be a slave to finicky pouring techniques.  Here's how we do it:


1. Preheat your brewer and filter.  Preheating the filter removes any residual paper taste from your brew. With the Wave it's best to preheat from the bottom of the filter, as pouring from the top or around the sides can collapse the filter.

2. Grind your coffee.  20 grams of coffee per serving. Grind setting should be middle of the road; it should have a little bit of grit to it but not be too rocky and chunky.

3. Add the ground coffee to the brewer.  Give the brewer a little shake to spread the coffee out evenly in the brewer. This will make it easier for you to extract the coffee bed evenly, leading to a better tasting cup.

4. Start your timer and add just enough water to cover the grounds. You want to use enough water to saturate all the grounds but not so much that you get a lot of bleed-through or dripping from the bottom of the brewer.

5. After thirty seconds, add the remaining water in slow, steady, staged pours.  Pour in a consistent circular motion, aiming to evenly saturate the entire coffee bed. Fill the brewer up, let it drain back down, fill it up again, and repeat that process till you've reached 300 grams of water total. Total brew time should be about three minutes.

6. A note on grind setting and brew time.  If your brew happens too fast you'll need to make your grind setting finer to slow the brew down. If your brew takes too long, you'll need to make the grind coarser to speed up your brew.

7. Enjoy your delicious coffee!

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