HoneyCo Classic Espresso
HoneyCo Classic Espresso
HoneyCo Classic Espresso
$ 16.75

HoneyCo Classic Espresso

Dark Chocolate, Heavy Fruit, Super Clean, Balanced

Sweet and vibrant, but always balanced and predictable.

Balance is back with Honeyco Classic. As a straight shot you'll enjoy tropical fruit notes up front, leading to a long lasting dark chocolate finish. Combine it with milk and the fruit notes mostly melt away, leaving the cup dominated by creamy milk chocolate.

Growers: Jose Trujillo, Wilson Fiesco, Alexis Guarnizo, Agustin Trujillo, and Luis Guarnizo
 Various shareholders
Country: Colombia
Region: Acevedo, Huila
Cultivar: Castillo, Caturra , Colombia
Elevation: 1690 - 1820 MASL
Processing: Washed

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