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Nectarine // Honeysuckle // White Grape

We are happy to offer another great washed Sidamo: Ethiopia Bera.  This washed coffee has flavor notes of summer stone fruit and dried berries, rounded out by a lighter body in line with most of our favorite coffees from the region. 

About Bera Information from our partners at Red Fox Coffee Importers:

Aleta Wendo is part of the newly founded Sidama Region located in South Central Plateau at the approximate distance of 340 km for Capital Addis Ababa. Aleta Wondo is characterized by high altitudes and weather conditions with elevation ranges from 1700-2500masl. The pattern of rainfall distribution is bimodal with the short rainy season lasting from mid-November to February, and the long rainy season occurring in the summer and extending to October.

The out rowers are producing a garden coffee, where coffee is grown under canopies of large legume shade trees. The coffee plant–together with fruits trees and Enset, a false banana and staple food of the community–form a complex agroforestry system where material Sycle maintains farm nutrient supply.

The coffee flowers between February and April, with harvest starting in September and running until mid December. About 397 of our growing members are exclusively delivering their red cherry to us on an annual basis.

Kerchanshe Trading PLC, owns a coffee processing site at Boicha River Course, in Bulesa Kebele of Aleta Wondo Woreda. The processing unit has been functional since 2021, collecting red cherry for their outgrowing farmers. They process the red cherry in to parchment coffee. 

Region: Sidamo

Variety: Ethiopia Lanraces

Altitude:  1700 – 2500 masl

Process: Fully washed, organically grown, and dried in the sun on elevated tables