$ 18.75

Colombia Granadilla is now Scout House Blend!  Same great coffee, new name and label.


Nougat  //  Caramel  // Sturdy 

Heavy bodied with nougat, spun caramel, and light stone fruit acidity with a long finish.


The beloved coffee on drip at all of our Scout Coffee locations has historically been labeled Colombia Granadilla, and typically rotated green coffees 2-3 times each year.  We have always sourced and roasted this blend with a very consistent flavor profile bringing it to medium drip coffee perfection.  From now on, Colombia Granadilla will be known as Scout House Blend, which brings us back to the place most of us fell in love with it.

Most often, Granadilla was a high-end fresh crop single origin Colombian coffee, but on occasion we blended more than one Colombian coffee to get the flavor profile we were searching for.  Due to the incredible following this blend has acquired, we were a bit hesitant to change the name, but we knew that doing so will only give us the opportunity to build even better versions of the blend on drip at Scout.  This blend will stay primarily Colombian as always, and the same goes for the flavor profile and roast level.  But we may occasionally bring in other fantastic Latin American coffees where they make sense to do so.  So sit back and enjoy -- Scout House Blend is still the coffee you remember and love, just with an updated name and label.

Region: Colombia Sotara, Cauca

Process: Fully washed

Roast Level: Medium