Colombia Granadilla
Colombia Granadilla
Colombia Granadilla
$ 17.75

Colombia Granadilla

Nougat  //  Caramel  // Sturdy 

Heavy bodied with nougat, spun caramel, and light stone fruit acidity with a long finish.

Granadilla is a fantastic single-origin Colombian coffee roasted to emphasize balance and body. Big mouth-feel and nougat flavors dominate the cup backed up by a complex character that lets you know you’re drinking something special. Granadilla is a wonderfully balanced and approachable coffee for any and all occasions.

Grower: 6 producers from El Tambo // Ever Plinio Muñoz, William Oliver Hoyos, Ruben Muñoz Castillo, Navio Orozco Muñoz, Carlos Bilder Meneses Astaiza, and Edilberto Orozco Camayo
Country: Colombia 
Region: El Tambo, Cauca
Cultivar: Castillo, Colombia
Elevation: 1720 - 2150 MASL
Processing: Fully Washed

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