Do you sell wholesale coffee?

Yes, we do! However, please note that we are currently only able to work with wholesale accounts ordering 30lbs per week or more through our wholesale program.  If you are looking to order 5lbs up to anything under 30lbs on a weekly basis, send us a note through our contact form and we'll set you up with a discount code!

When will my coffee ship?

Orders are roasted and shipped every day of the work week, except for Friday. Weekend orders will ship by Tuesday at the very latest, but usually make it into the roast schedule on Monday.  Coffees are shipped the day they are roasted, and we never warehouse or use previously roasted coffee.

How fresh will my coffee be when I receive it?

We ship the day after your coffee is roasted, so depending on where you live your coffee will be between one and three days young when you receive it.

How long will my coffee stay fresh?

We recommend using your coffee within 2-3 weeks of its roast date. Coffee needs several days after roast to de-gas for optimal flavor, so we recommend letting your coffee ‘age’ at least three days before you brew it. Usually with shipping it’s ready to drink right out of the box!

Where should I store my coffee?

Store coffee in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. 

Can you explain how roast levels affect taste and body?

The darker the roast, the heavier the perceived strength and body. Although actual strength depends on brewing parameters, people who like “a nice strong bold cup of coffee” will generally prefer a darker roast.

Lighter roasts are snappier, with more fruit-like flavors, and generally appear to have less perceived body than their darker roasted counterparts.

What’s the best way to make your coffee?

In a nutshell we use 20 grams of ground coffee for every 300 grams of water. If you have one of our black, red, or orange label coffees this translates to about 4 tablespoons of ground coffee for every mug of coffee you want to brew. If you have one of our blue, green, or yellow label coffees this translates to about 3 tablespoons of ground coffee for every mug you want to brew.

We always recommend using a scale to weigh your coffee, but we understand the adventurous spirit of going rogue, and we won’t tell anyone if you decide live life on the edge.

I like bold coffee – which coffee is right for me?

Our black and red label coffees will be perfect for you. Although the black label coffees are roasted with espresso in mind, they perform great as brewed coffee, offering tons of body and a heavy mouth feel. Red label coffees are blends with a nice solid roast on them; perfect as everyday drinkers for people who love a nice strong cup.

Why does your coffee menu change so often?

Coffee is a seasonal, agricultural product, so our menu changes with the seasons and harvests. Our single origin coffee menu will always rotate, representing the most interesting and fun coffees on earth. Our blends are engineered to have the same flavor profile year-round, and are like that good friend you can always count on.