$ 18.75

Dark Chocolate // Stone Fruit // Brown Sugar // Balanced

Sweet and vibrant, but always balanced and predictable.

Balance is back with HoneyCo Classic. While we've had this blend for almost 10 years now, it's a profile that never gets old.  As a straight shot you'll enjoy tropical and stone fruit up front, leading to a long lasting dark chocolate finish. Combine it with milk and the fruit notes mostly melt away, leaving the cup dominated by creamy milk chocolate.

This is our most popular coffee for use as home espresso, but many of our customers also love to brew it on drip.  It's extremely versatile and tastes great any way you decide to brew it.  Insider tip - if you love a French Press, you may find this coffee to be a perfect companion.

If you get a latte, cappuccino, or any other espresso beverage at any Scout Coffee location, this is the coffee you'll get in it.  We just love the unique sweetness and balance, and so do our customers.  Enjoy!