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The Aeropress  is a great brewer to take with you on day trips or camping. It's tough, small, and simple to use, so we pack one just about everywhere we go. To get an outdoor Aeropress going you'll need the brewer, filters, a mug, water along with a heat source, and of course: coffee.


1. Heat your water.  We used an Esbit, but any camping stove will do.

2. Prep your Aeropress.  Insert the plunger into the cylinder, and flip your Aeropress so that the open side of the cylinder is facing up (inverted).

3. Rinse your filter.  Pour a small amount of hot water over the filter. This will remove any residual paper taste from your brew.

4. Put your coffee in the brewer.  14 grams of coffee per serving. Grind setting is quite a bit finer than drip; not as powdery as espresso, but close. We pre-grind and pre-weigh before we go into the wild, but a hand mill would work great here as well.

5. Add water.  210 grams of water per serving. You can weigh your water if you have a scale, but we just eyeballed it out here. Fill it up about half way, give it a swirl to saturate all the grounds, then fill it up the rest of the way.

6. Cap the brewer.  Screw the cap (with filter in it) onto the brewer

7. Flip and press.  After one minute, flip the brewer over onto your mug and begin your plunge. Plunge time should be about thirty seconds for a total brew time of about one minute and thirty seconds. If the plunge happens too fast you need to make your grind finer; if the plunge takes too long you need to coarsen up your grind. A little experimenting and you'll find the sweet spot in no time.

8. Drink up. You deserve it!

Try this out on your next outdoor adventure, pre-grinding and skipping the scale will keep your pack light, but if you want to bring those with you we won't tell anyone.


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